10 Newfoundland Dog Facts That Newfie Lovers Know by Heart

10 Newfoundland Dog Facts That Newfie Lovers Know by Heart

10 Newfoundland Dog Facts That Newfie Lovers Know by Heart

10 Newfoundland Dog Facts That Newfie Lovers Know by Heart

If you’ve ever met Newfoundland, you likely love them. These dogs sure live up to their “gentle giant” reputation – they’ll be hard-pressed to find a sweeter breed (especially when you consider their huge size!).10 Newfoundland Dog Facts That Newfie Lovers Know by Heart They are also smart like a whip and loyal to boot.


For the right person, Newfies can be the perfect pet. But there’s more to Newfoundlands than meets the eye! Here are 12 facts about the Newfoundland dog that every Newfie fan knows by heart:

  1. Newfoundlands are named after Newfoundland

The Newfoundland dog was originally bred as a working dog in Newfoundland, an island off the east coast of Canada. The name may not get points for originality, but it gives you insight into the climate these dogs were brought up in. Since Newfoundland is surrounded by the icy waters of the Atlantic Ocean, the second fact on this list shouldn’t be a surprise.


  1. Newfoundlands are amazing swimmers

Newfoundlands were originally bred as working dogs, primarily working as rescue and service dogs on fishermen’s ships. Although they seldom act as ship hands, their swimming abilities are still alive and well.

  1. Newfoundlands manufactures large water rescue dogs

Not only are they great swimmers, but the Newfoundlands also have a knack for saving water. Newfoundlands have a natural inclination towards saving struggling or drowning people – and they are known for their treacherous water courage and dangerous conditions to lure people to safety.


  1. Newfoundlands have webbed feet

One of the reasons Newfoundlands are great swimmers is because they have partially exposed feet! Not exactly something you’d expect to see on a dog (we’re not talking a frog, right here!). Newfoundlands share this practical advantage with many other breeds as well.

  1. Newfoundland dogs love to eat

Newfoundland puppies can gain 100 pounds in the first year of their life. And to gain this kind of weight, they need a lot of food! If you are adding a beginner puppy to your family, be prepared to support their cravings.10 Newfoundland Dog Facts That Newfie Lovers Know by Heart.


  1. You will not find a pet more loyal than a beginner

If you are looking for the “ride or die” type of dog, you won’t find a breed more loyal than a Newfoundland. Beginners have been known to physically position themselves between humans and strangers as a form of protection. They are also referred to as a “groom’s dog” due to their kindness towards children in the family. This is what we call loyalty!

  1. Newfoundlands can grow larger than people

On average, Newfoundland males grow between 130 and 150 lbs., While Newfoundland females hover somewhere between 100 and 120 lbs. This is bigger than some adult humans!


  1. Newfoundlands are happy to relax … but they also need to exercise

Unlike many large breeds, Newfoundlands make wonderful house dogs – they are relaxed, relaxed and happy to spend hours relaxing at your feet. But too much lounge time can lead to weight gain in Newfie, which is why it is important to make sure Newfoundlands has a large yard or enclosed space in which to exercise. Complemented with daily walks and occasional swimming and your Newfoundland will stay in tip-top shape.

  1. Newfoundlands need cleaning … a lot

Some dogs are very low maintenance when it comes to grooming. But Newfoundlands? not much.


Newfies shed year-round – and in order to keep their coat clean and well-maintained, you need to brush them. Much. Like every day. You will also need to make friends with your dog’s groomer because you will need to visit them regularly.


  1. Newfoundlands know how to take a great photo

All dogs look adorable in pictures, but Newfies take them to a whole new level. These lovely faces and puppy eyes are made for close-ups. No wonder Newfies have been sprinkled all over social media!