Best Dog Names For Floofy Newfoundland Dogs


Are you looking for the best dog names for Newfoundland? You may have just brought a new one into your family, or maybe you are looking forward to adoption soon. Whatever the case, your new best friend needs a better name!


Newfoundlands are gentle giants that can weigh between 100 and 150 pounds, and they are gentle, cuddly, and great with kids. Perhaps that’s why Newfie is tasked with babysitting Darling in Peter Pan’s novel. What a big and cuddly teddy bear!

They love to stay active and require exercise, so don’t get yourself a Newfoundland dog if you’re a fan of the Potato Poodle. Beginners love to work, and their physical agility makes them excellent swimming companions. Some drool a little, so keep a cloth around to wipe that mouthful.

We found some of the best dog names with adorable photos from fellow Newfie fans on Instagram. Check out our best Newfoundland dog names below to get some inspiration for your new family member!

1. Oscar

2. Sophie

3. Ayur

4. Next

5. Raigar

6. Molly

7. Mane

8. Murphy

9. Sami

10. Honno

11. Ralphie

12. How

13. Zorro

14. Mocha

15. Winston