boxers are a very intelligent dog and high energy. boxer dog is a medium to is a short-haired breed dog. boxers were originally bred to be medium-sized guard dogs today although there were parts of Casey’s working group. they mostly find homes as loving family companions vital stats dog dude group working dogs right 1 foot 9 inches to 2 feet 1 inch tall at the shoulder weight 60 to 70 pounds life span 10 to 12 years. science males typically stand 22 points 5 to 25 inches tall at the shoulder and weigh about 70 pounds females typically stand 21 to 23 point 5 inches at the shoulder and weigh about 60 pounds box is a large muscular square-headed. brindle boxer those who look imposing that is until you look into their eyes and see the mischief enjoyable life reflected there because of their playful nature and boundless energy they’re sometimes called the Peter Pan of the don’t breathe boxes aren’t considered fully mature.

Brindle boxer facts:

Brindle boxer, is a short-haired breed of a boxer dog. they recognized color is brindle. the color of the brindle boxer is white under the belly and also in the feet. until they’re three years old meaning they have one of the longest purples in the world of dogs the typical boxer is intelligent alert and fearless yet friendly he’s loyal to his family and loves to play with them but he’s also a headstrong

boxer dog

especially if you try to use half training methods with him with minimal grooming needs and legendary patience and gentleness with children box is a great family companion as long as you provide them with the physical exercise and mental stimulation.

Boxer puppies:

they need if you’re willing and able to provide them with adequate exercise in the form of works or ends they can even have the app to apartment living so long as they are able to be close to their beloved people box is originated in Germany and were brought to the United States after World War the short shiny coats are striking former window with flashy white markings all-metal mostly white boxers are not desirable because genetically deafness is associated with white coloring many boxers have dog tails and cropped ears if the ears are not cropped they will hand down many dog owners are opting to leave their boxes is uncropped these days boxes are renowned for their great love of and loyalty to their families. they often have distrustful of strangers at first but will not be aggressive and less they perceive a threat to their families. boxers are so loving that they often think they’re like dogs and try to lie as close to you as possible boxer owners around the world take special delight in their beloved belt clownish behavior boxes are high-spirited happy and energetic they often poor cat-like at their toys food bowls.

White boxer puppies:

white boxer puppies usually a white coat more than 40 percent coat of the boxer puppies is white.and even their owners, when they’re excited they often kick me being a little dance that involves twisting their bodies into a semicircle similar to the shape of a kidney bean and then turning in circles box, is also making unique sound colder whoo-whoo when they want something or they’re excited it is not exactly a bark but rather sounds like the way of saying do we look at me watching a boxer run is a delight they are so exuberant happy and graceful. it’s sure to bring a smile to your face especially if they start jumping twisting and even turning somersaults to entertain you but life isn’t all fun and games for boxers because of their strength and courage boxers have wide use in the military in the police as well as search and rescue work when specifically trained for guard workboxes are excellent watchdogs and will restrain an intruder in the same manner as a Mastiff box is also excelling obedience agility and shortened boxer should not be left outdoors for extended periods of time their short nose doesn’t cool or tear efficiently in the summer and their short coat doesn’t keep them warm in the winter many boxes are people joke that their boxes range of tolerance is between 72 and 74 degrees Fahrenheit boxes aren’t the breed for everyone but if you like a big dog who likes to cuddle don’t mind a little drool between friends once a dope that will delight you with his clown Chantix and yet be gentle with your children. and most of all if you are prepared to keep your box is physically and mentally stimulated the boxer dog just might be the right dog for you Vox is a high-energy dog and made a lot of exercises.

Boxer dog temperament:

make sure you have the time desire ant energy to give them the prey an activity they need boxes are exuberant and will greet you ecstatically early consistent training is critical although their large boxes are not outdoor dogs their short nose isn’t short and make them uncomfortable in hot and cold weather and they need to be kept as house dogs box is mature slowly and add blood rambunctious puppies for several years what sustains just like to be around their family if left alone for too long are kept in the back yard away from peoples.kept as house dogs box is mature slowly and add blood rambunctious puppies for several years what sustains just like to be around their family if left alone for too long are kept in the back yard away from people.


boxer dog


Weight Range:

Male: 60-80 lbs.
Female: 50-68 lbs.

Height of boxer dog:

Male: 25 in.
Female: 23 in.

Features and expectations:

squashed face, droopy eyes, and floppy ears.this is his naturally his floppy ears. they required exercise minimum of 40 to 50 minutes. the energy level very energetic body.his longevity range is approximately is 8 to 10 years.his tendency of bark is low.and the tendency of dig is also low. the boxer dog required high companionship and exercise..they become destructive if we left him in the house alone. boxer dog is ideal for the large and busiest families.they an interest to live in an urban life.becuase they need more exercise. if you are living in the urban areas.regular exercise and walk are necessary for the dogs. their life expectation approximately is 7 to 10 years. boxer puppies are also so cute.boxers are distinctly shaped and squared heads.


boxer dog
boxer dog

Breed Characteristics:

  • Adapts Well To Apartment Living
  • Good For Novice Owners
  • Sensitivity Level
  • Tolerates Being Alone
  • Tolerates Cold Weather
  • Tolerates Hot Weather

Health And Grooming Needs:

mount Of Shedding

Drooling Potential

Easy To Groom

boxer dog
boxer dog


Boxer dogs were originated in Germany and brought to the U.S afterworld war.boxers are renowned for their great love and be loyal to their families. he boxes ancestors were at the German field and those were in the bull jock the bulldozer had been used as a hunting dog for centuries to have their wild boar and deer its task was to catch him hold the bear until hunters arrived over time woolen baize has lost their jobs on the states and began to be used by farmers. and butchers to guard and drive cattle the box that we know today was developed in the late 19th century a Munich man named Freddie Freeman colored female woman by the name floor with a local dog of unknown origin in the litter was a foreign and white male that was named left nurse box this is believed to be the start of the liner would become the box that we know today legend is the box was brought to his van flora and one of the litter was a female called olds cheran she was registered as the bear box her advisor checking his van Brett – an English bulldog named Tom to produce a dog named Flossie who became the first boxer to be entered in the Germans that looked after winning me make sure that had a special with Bedford boxes.

Boxer dog temperament:

Flossie sister a white female was even more influential when she has mated with pickle over anchor chair a glance on a gluttonous Fox. one of her pups was a white female 19 total underpasses who was considered to be the mother of the Box are breeding no photographs of their show that she bore little resemblance to the medon boxer John Gardner altar of the boxer said the following about her interval dairy passage played the most important laws of five original ancestors a brave line of science book traced directly back to this female she was a substantially built low to the ground River my petty color lacking in their German exceedingly Libby as a producing which human-only brief can match her record she consistently well puppies of marvelous type and their quality those of her offspring site by flux and southern weather dominate all present-day in 1894. three Germans namely birth and decided to stabilize the breed and put it on exhibition at a talk show this was done in Munich in 1995, and the next year they founded the first Boxer Club the big became learned in other parts of Europe in the late 1890s around 1903 the first boxes were imported into the United States.

Pit boxer:

also known as Bullboxer Pit, the first box that was registered by the American Kennel Club in 1900 and for a dog named Arnold forgets in 1915 the American Kennel Club recognized the first box a champion sees Japan lead or missus layman at New York. unfortunately, there were many female bosses in the United States to brief the head so he didn’t have much influence on the bridge when World War I broke out boxers were enlisted into the military serving as messenger docks carrying packs and that there was attacking guard dogs foxes started becoming popular in the United States in the 1940s. when soldiers coming home from World War two brought the boxer mascots with them three men the big was introduced to their people and soon became a favorite companion animal show dog and guard dog the American boxer club was formed in 1935. and gained acceptance by the American boxer club in the same year controversy within the club about the box of standard in 1938 the club finally approved the new standard the latest revisions of the standard were in 2005 today the Box ranks 7th among the 155 breeds and varieties registered by the American boxer Club the boxer is described there’s a hearing guard dog named he’s alert and watchful well he’s not round and for you, he’s certified in self-assured with children he’s playful impatient strangers are greeted with a lei attitude but he responds politely to friendly people he’s aggressive only in defense of his family and home temperament is affected.




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