Maltese Dog:

The Maltese dog is a popular small breed dog. a popular small dog breeds much popularized in the Mediterranean with Italy being common proponents of the breed.

Maltese Dog History:

The origins of the Maltese dog have associated with Italy also the Croatian Island once known as maleta. and of course Malta its exact origin is uncertain but it’s known that the Phoenicians brought the breed’s ancestors to Egypt over 2,000 years ago.Curiously at the tomb of Ramses ii, there are stone statuettes with images very similar to the Maltese dog.

Maltese dog breeds:

The Maltese dog breeds is a very small dog usually weighing between three and four kilos and measuring about 25 centimeters tall this makes them adaptable to small apartments and homes without a garden.

maltese dog


They have a lush white coat which is usually smooth long and silky in general this is a dog very happy and fun while affectionate and attached to their master.They can be a bit nervous and playful and therefore suffer if they spend too much time alone at home.

Maltese Dog facts and characteristics:

Maltese dog facts explaning in is an ideal dog for all types of the family but we must explain that you have to play with it properly the Maltese can be a fragile and small Maltese dog and therefore be damaged if he played too roughly the Maltese needs daily brushing to avoid dirt accumulation and annoying tangles to keep their hair in perfect condition. they will also need a monthly bath which should make use of a canine conditioner the most common.

Maltese haircuts are the puppy cut or letting the hair grow long basic care also involves cleaning the tear stains. which collect under the eye and any dirt accumulated around the mouth use a wipe or damp gauze and then dry the area to avoid fungal infections the Maltese will require at least two walks a day about 20 to 30 minutes each to encourage the burning of excess.

The energy we can throw a ball or engage in other games finally we highlight the importance of quality food which will provide general well-being as well as a beautiful shiny coat this dog. can suffer allergies to pee observant of any reactions to food the Maltese are a generally healthy and long-living dog. but visiting the vet every 6 to 12 months and following the vaccination schedule will help ensure our dog to be happy and healthy we need to remember they are susceptible to allergies so ensure a quality diet to reduce the possibility of conjunctivitis follow a proper facial cleansing regimen.

 Maltese Breed:

The Maltese breed is susceptible to kneecap dislocation a problem most common in older dogs to enjoy a sociable and happy bichon Maltese in adulthood we need to ensure a proper socialization process when they are a puppy by introducing them to other dogs people and environments we need to use positive reinforcement to ensure they are properly educated being a very intelligent dog the Maltese will learn without difficulty basic commands tricks and even advanced orders 5 to 10 minutes a day of training should suffice.

Expectations from Maltese breed dog  :

the Maltese breed dog requires exercise for almost 20 to 30 minutes in a day. very energetic dog. the longevity range of the Maltese breed dog is long-lasting. the range is between 12 to  14 years. the tendency to drool is low.His tendency to snore is also low.and tendency to bark is high. Social attention needs are also high.His tendency to dig is also low.


The Maltese dog is very intelligent and gentle.very responsive and trusting. a very trustable dog and family loving dog.His tendency of barking is high but is a very friendly and family dog. easily adjustable with the children.maltese dog personality


maltese dog

Living With:

Usually, the Maltese dog is an indoor dog that easily adjustable in a small apartment or house. Maltese breed dogs are light shedders and are acceptable pets for anyone. Maltese dogs require much care. daily brushing and bathing are required to prevent its coat matting. the hairs around the eyes should be daily cleaning to prevent it from the tear staining.maltese dog facts

Maltese dog complete history:

The Maltese dog is the oldest breeds and has been around for more than 28 centuries. they originated on the island of Malta and when the little dogs were brought back to made his first American appearance at a Westminster Kennel Club’s show in 1877 caught a Maltese lion dog. it currently enjoys being one of the more popular toy breeds number nine.


maltese dog

Weight of Maltese dog:

I’m not teasing may be small but he’s not on fluff these little dogs only weight between four and seven pounds one point eight to three-point two kilograms but they’re sprightly prance keen attention to their surroundings affectionate personalities and devotion to the humans make them a huge part of their owner’s lives and may according to the American Kennel Club Egyptian artifacts of Maltese.maltese dog personality 

maltese dog


Maltese dog breeds:

Maltese like dogs have been found which means ancient Egyptians likely worshipped the breed Greek pottery dating from five ad shows images of small long-haired dogs. like the Maltese and according to the 18th-century religious scholar careless Maria de Ville ancient Greek writings by historians like Strabo mentioned small pretty dogs known as Catelli very silly there’s no doubt that part of the Maltese allure is this beautiful white hair not to be confused with fur like human hair.

The Maltese white loss grow and occasionally fall out they don’t shed light most dogs according to the AKC no breed is guaranteed hypoallergenic but the Maltese won’t bother some allergy sufferers the dogs were specially bred by Roman emperors to head that white coat we know today the color white was sacred to the Romans.

who wanted their pets to exhibit an air of divinity no mistakes over the course of his existence debris does have a number of different monikers some include comforter dog Maltese lion dog naughties Terrier Roman lady’s dog shock dog and the spaniel gentle member five Maltese have refused coats meaning they need a lot of

maltese dog
maltese dog

attention to keep them Minda fly though they’d be belittled they can’t jump they also seem to have any fear of gravity and have no problem leaping out of your arms or off high ledges. so let’s try to keep our fur babies off balconies indicate Maltese make great therapy dogs.

Because they’re loving and small which means they can cuddle right up on whomever they’re trying to help while handled in some of the A-list celebs who have cohabited with a Maltese include Elvis Marilyn Monroe Jane Fonda Ellen DeGeneres Jessica Simpson and Elizabeth Taylor a Maltese dog by the name of lucky was authenticated by Guinness Book of Records as having been photographed with the most celebrities a whopping 363 to date this mini pooches sat on the laps of Kim Kardashian Kristen Stewart Richard Branson Bill Clinton Hugh Grant and Counting men daily take trouble the Maltese for two million dollars when real estate developer Leona Hensley died in 2007 she left 12 million dollars to her pooch in her will the government eventually trimmed the inherent is down to a measly two million dollars but that didn’t stop the dog from living it up until her death in 2011 well there you have it a meager mash-up of Maltese memorabilia.

Do Maltese dogs bark a lot?

Are maltese dogs bark.the answer is yes.maltese dog bark very loudly and very much so.maltese dog personality is very nice.

Are Maltese good pets?

Yes maltese dog are good pet.its a family dog and easily adustable in the family.maltese dog facts is explained clearly.

Do Maltese dogs shed?

Is maltese dog shed.the answer is yes.

How much does a Maltese dog cost?

The cost of malltese dog is approximately 3000$ to 4000$.