U.S. Lawmakers Introduce Kangaroo Protection Act to Blunt the World’s ‘Largest Wildlife...

U.S. Lawmakers Introduce Kangaroo Protection Act to Blunt the World’s ‘Largest Wildlife Slaughter’ – EIN News



Kangaroo amidst the ongoing Australian wildfires


Representatives of Salud Carbajal, D-Calif., And Brian Fitzpatrick, R-Penn., This week introduced the Kangaroo Protection Act to ban the sale of kangaroo body parts in the United States. The bill is intended to address the kangaroo leather trade used by Nike, adidas, Puma, and other companies for the manufacture of football boots (“cleats”). Although sold worldwide, the U.S. as the second largest market, there is only the European Union. Animal Welfare Action, the Animal Welfare Foundation, the Center for Human Economy and the International SPCA, the Michelson Public Policy Center, and others praised the initiative and asked parliament to enact the law.

“Nike and other major sports shoe companies are slaughtering the world’s largest commercial wildlife slaughterhouse,” said Wayne Pacelle, president of Action Wellness Animal and the Human Economy Center.

“Kangaroos are victims of commercial slaughter of the largest land-based wildlife in the world. As a member of the Congress bipartisan Animal Protection Caucus and an outspoken animal defender, I will continue to be committed to ensuring that the government does all it can to improve and protect animal welfare, “said Rep. Brian Fitzpatrick, R- Penn.” Our bipartisan Kangaroo Protection Act year 2021 will prohibit exploiting kangaroo in the United States and ensure that the fine imposed for violations. I am proud to join my colleague Rep. Carbajal in this fight. ”

Last week, Animal Welfare Action and the Center for Human Economy, in collaboration with two Hollywood filmmakers, released a controversial short film on the topic. Using a reverse sequence, the film begins with a football player kicking a goal and ends with a kangaroo about to be killed in the Outback, tracing different steps and connecting between them. Watch the video here.
Representatives of Carbajal and two other California lawmakers, inspired by a recent investigative report from the Center for Human Economy, wrote California Attorney General Xavier Becerra (President Biden for Secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services) calling for California’s first enforcement of a national ban on kangaroos and other species. Although the ban has been imposed since 2016, Nike and other manufacturers and retailers throughout California law argue it is selling shoes soccer kangaroo leather that directly and quickly. Working with the Center, law enforcement personnel from the California Department of Fish and Wildlife, local police, and prosecutors began enforcing the law, Penal Code 653o. In recent months, California’s largest network of football stores has stopped selling “k-leather” models with the title euphemistically.

“Major sports brands continue to make kangaroo leather football boots, dating back to the 1970s, although they now offer hundreds of kangaroo leather models, using high-tech synthetics and plant-based fabrics that perform better in the field,” said Meredith Ayan. executive director of SPCA International. “These companies are voicing targets of sustainability and commitment to their environment, but they are still making this big commercial assassination.”

The center lists 72 models of kangaroo leather football shoes from adidas, Lotto, Mizuno, New Balance, Nike, Pantofolo d’Oro, Puma, and Umbro. Sportswear manufacturer Diadora stopped using kangaroo leather last year. The center has a dedicated website on the issue,

“It is not impossible to kill wild animals for their skin when there are so many synthetic products available,” said Dr. Gary K. Michelson, founder and co-chairman of the Michelson Public Policy Center. “California had a previous view of banning trade in the kangaroo section a few years ago. Now is the time for other citizens to follow and stop this savage activity that is only for better corporate profits.”
Former Congressman Robert Mrazek introduced the last version of the Kangaroo Protection Act in 1988, and to date, no similar legislation has been enacted in Congress. The bill has been referred to the Judiciary Committee.

The Human Economic Center (“Center”) is a nonprofit organization that focuses on the influence of corporate actions to create a humane economic order. The center encourages businesses to respect social responsibility in a culture in which consumers, investors, and other key stakeholders abhor environmental cruelty and degradation and embrace innovation as a way to eliminate both.

Animal Wellness Action (Action) is a 501 (c) (4) organization based in Washington, D.C. with the mission of helping animals by promoting legal standards that prohibit cruelty. We are champions who alleviate the suffering of companion animals, farm animals, and wild animals. We believe that helping animals can help us all.

Animal Wellness Foundation (the Foundation) is a private charitable organization in Los Angeles with the mission of helping animals by giving veterinary care to all those who have livestock, without regardless of economic ability. We manage rescue efforts and medical services for dogs and cats in need and help homeless farmers find a loving caregiver. We also support policies that prevent animal cruelty and alleviate suffering. We believe that helping animals can help us all.

SPCA International is a global animal welfare organization with a simple, yet comprehensive mission: to improve the safety and well-being of animals. Through its outreach, rescue, and education programs, SPCA International promotes initiative to rescue and assist basic animal activists around the world.